From small businesses to large corporations, ATEC provides the most comprehensive security solutions for the corporate sector. Trust us to protect your business, assets, and people so that you can focus on achieving your goals.

Safeguarding every possible angle

In today’s world, corporations must guard against insider threats and various attacks including cyber, physical, and supply chain threats. ATEC is ready to help with video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, employee security training, access control, and data loss prevention to mitigate insider threats. We will assess potential risks and implement measures to protect you from every possible angle.

Security you can trust

ATEC are trusted by some of the largest UK based corporations to provide security solutions that meet the needs of today and built to face the challenges of tomorrow.


We provide advanced security solutions that address the complex and ever-increasing security challenges faced by corporations. Our mission is to help businesses protect their assets, people and information from fire, fraud, and direct attack.

Securing Sensitive Areas

Our technologies make it possible to track and limit access to designated areas, thereby minimising security risks. Our cutting-edge solutions provide access control to sensitive areas at so only authorised personnel have access.

Protecting the workplace efficiently

Using ATEC Security’s corporate safety solutions including access control, intrusion detection and surveillance systems, you will have the most efficient set up to safeguard your workplace – ensuring a safe environment for your employees and visitors.


ATEC Security utilises biometric technology that is flexible, cost-effective, user friendly. Our solutions mean that tailgating, for example, is no longer possible and integration with the HR system means that once employment is terminated, all access privileges are automatically cancelled.

Advanced Solutions

We are one of the most trusted security providers for corporations in the UK and Europe. Our advanced and customisable security solutions meet the needs of today’s businesses and are designed to protect its assets, people, and information. Let ATEC be your partner in achieving top-notch security.
From the project side of things, I’ve been very satisfied with the delivery of what ATEC’s done. They just set to work, knew exactly what they were doing, and we hardly knew they were there. They’ve been proactive and really good at handling every issue that’s come up. This project was crucial, and ATEC handled everything professionally.
Mark Davies
Senior Building Surveyor, Estates & Facilities Directorate, De Montfort University
“I would like to thank the ATEC team for all the help they have given over many months to get our car park camera’s back up and running. It was not the simplest of jobs, but with perseverance we are now able to view all of our cameras!”
Sarah McDonald
Bristol Airport
We took ATEC on to provide the maintenance and oversee any projects that we do on site in relation to any security equipment. Since they’ve come on board we’ve noticed that there has been a marked upgrade in the service that we’re provided, not only on the maintenance of our security equipment but also the projects we carry out.
David Blackhouse
European Regional Security Snr Manager/PFSO. Valero

Safeguarding your success

From securing office spaces to safeguarding sensitive data, ATEC Security’s services are built to meet the unique needs of your corporate environment. Our experienced security consultants work closely with you to assess and mitigate any potential security risks, so you can focus on your core business operations with peace of mind. Don’t compromise on your corporate security needs, contact ATEC Security today to take your security to the next level.