ATEC Security’s solutions can help mitigate the increasing number of security risks facing the education sector. We provide security awareness training, endpoint protection, data encryption and managed security services.

Learn the essentials with ATEC

Educational institutions are highly susceptible to a wide range of threats and often have restricted budgets for certain measures, leaving them at greater risk. ATEC has a wealth of experience assisting the education sector, having supplied academies and universities with access control, fire prevention and detection, video surveillance and identity management solutions. With our extensive knowledge of the latest security trends and practices, you’ll be receiving the highest quality security solutions available for your education facility.

Creating Safer Spaces

ATEC can provide advanced technologies to ensure students and staff are safe in today’s learning environments. With customised access control and video surveillance, we can help create a positive impact for educational institutions.

Awareness Training

Using our tailored awareness training program, students and staff can improve their ability to identify and manage security threats. Our targeted approach ensures that all members of the community are equipped to promote a secure learning environment.

Fire Prevention & Detection

Our cutting-edge technology and advanced systems ensures schools are protected from potential fire hazards, keeping students and staff safe and ensuring rapid response in case of emergency.

Improve Campus Safety

From advanced access control to real-time video surveillance, we offer customised solutions to keep your campus protected against potential threats. Collaborate with our experts to design and implement a comprehensive security plan that meets your unique needs.

Data Encryption

ATEC Security’s data encryption ensures sensitive data stored on education institution networks is protected from unauthorised access, safeguarding student and staff privacy.

Identity Management

Our identity management solutions provide secure access to education institution networks and resources, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive information and systems.
From the project side of things, I’ve been very satisfied with the delivery of what ATEC’s done. They just set to work, knew exactly what they were doing, and we hardly knew they were there. They’ve been proactive and really good at handling every issue that’s come up. This project was crucial, and ATEC handled everything professionally.
Mark Davies
Senior Building Surveyor, Estates & Facilities Directorate, De Montfort University
“I would like to thank the ATEC team for all the help they have given over many months to get our car park camera’s back up and running. It was not the simplest of jobs, but with perseverance we are now able to view all of our cameras!”
Sarah McDonald
Bristol Airport
We took ATEC on to provide the maintenance and oversee any projects that we do on site in relation to any security equipment. Since they’ve come on board we’ve noticed that there has been a marked upgrade in the service that we’re provided, not only on the maintenance of our security equipment but also the projects we carry out.
David Blackhouse
European Regional Security Snr Manager/PFSO. Valero

Staying top of class

At ATEC Security, we know that protecting students and staff is no small feat. From fire prevention to access control, we can help you keep your learning environment safe and secure, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best: educating the minds of the future. Reach to us today to learn more about how we can help you make your institution secure.