Blending security with convenience

Using ATEC ANPR solutions for security and streamlined operations can work wonders for enhancing access control, reducing human error, improving traffic flow, and increasing overall efficiency of operations.
Keeping your property safe with ATEC expertise
ATEC offers ANPR solutions to police forces for law enforcement, campuses for parking management, and local authorities for traffic control. While VRMs are easily copied, ATEC security’s ANPR expertise combined with long-range card tech ensures effective security for high-risk access areas. Trust us to design, deploy, and support your ANPR solution while keeping you in compliance with surveillance camera commissioners’ code of practice.

Accurate, reliable and customisable

ANPR technology that’s precise, dependable, and tailored to your needs.

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Stay on top of any security breaches with instant notifications and 24/7 surveillance.

Automated access control and management

Streamline your operations with automated gate opening, vehicle identification, and parking management.

Seamless integration with other security systems

Combine ANPR with other systems like CCTV and card readers for comprehensive access control and monitoring.

Secure your access points with ATEC solutions

Experience unmatched accuracy and reliability with our ANPR technology
Thanks to our versatility ANPR solutions, we can cater to a diverse range of markets – from law enforcement to parking management, providing reliable, customisable and automated access control.

Request a demo

Contact us today to request a demo and see how ATEC Security’s ANPR solutions can benefit your organisation. Our team of experts will work with you to design, deploy, and support a custom ANPR system that meets your specific needs, ensuring reliable and efficient access control.



By partnering with Avigilon, we can offer our clients industry-leading video surveillance solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. With Avigilon’s high definition cameras, advanced analytics, and scalable video management software, we can provide our clients with a powerful tool to enhance safety and security.


TagMaster is a leading provider of advanced access control solutions for businesses. ATEC Security has partnered with them to offer customisable and cutting-edge security solutions to our clients.