PSIM Solutions for Advanced Security Management

Streamline and simplify your security operations with ATEC Security’s PSIM solutions designed for modern business security challenges.
Comprehensive Security, Simplified.
ATEC Security’s PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) and PIAM (Physical Identity and Access Management) solutions provide a unique approach to security management by integrating multiple security systems into a single platform for complete situational awareness. With centralised command and control, customisable workflows, advanced analytics, and identity management capabilities, ATEC Security’s PSIM and PIAM solutions enable faster incident response and streamlined operations. This makes them an essential tool for modern businesses looking to effectively manage their security challenges.

Integrated security management platform for complete situational awareness.

PSIM solution integrates multiple security systems into a unified platform, providing a comprehensive view of security events in real-time, allowing for prompt action.

Centralised command and control for faster incident response.

The centralised command and control feature of our PSIM solution enables security personnel to respond quickly to security incidents, minimising potential damage and losses.

Customisable workflows for streamlined security operations.

Our solutions allow for customisable workflows, making it easy to create streamlined security procedures and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more important work.

Advanced reporting and data analytics capabilities for data-driven decision making.

With advanced reporting and data analytics capabilities, our PSIM solution provides insights into security events, enabling data-driven decision making, and helping businesses continuously improve their security posture.

Streamlining Security Integration with a Security Management System (SMS)

Powerful Security Management with ATEC
Discover the benefits of a Security Management System (SMS) which offers a unified and simplified approach to managing multiple security systems from different manufacturers through a single interface.

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