Staying in total command

ATEC Security’s customisable control room solutions allow clients to take command of their security operations through a variety of features that will allow personnel to manage and respond to security events quickly and effectively.
Streamline your operations, enhance your security
With ATEC Security’s control room solutions, you can be assured that your facility is being monitored by experienced security professionals who are equipped with the latest technology and tools. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your system continues to operate at optimal levels.

Top of the line integration capabilities

Working naturally alongside CCTV, access control and intruder detection systems

Monitoring and Alert systems

Security personnel can monitor all systems in real-time and receive alerts for potential breaches

Customisable dashboards for your convenience

Providing personalised and intuitive interfaces for monitoring and managing your systems

Comprehensive reporting

Reporting on all security incidents, allowing clients to analyse data and identify trends for improved security planning.

Quality control for comprehensive security

Unlock complete control with intelligent solutions
ATEC Security’s control room solutions offer powerful and customisable features for effective monitoring, control and management of security systems and processes – giving you the confidence you need to ensure there is enhanced safety and protection.

Upgrade your operations

With ATEC Security’s customisable control room solutions, take command of your security operations and streamline your processes. Our solutions serve multiple markets, including law enforcement, parking management, and local authorities. Contact us today and upgrade your security.