Advancing your Video Analytics

Maximising surveillance efficiency and effectiveness through innovative video analytics solutions that offer advanced monitoring capabilities and tailored security solutions.
Elevate your surveillance game with advanced video analytics
Experience the power of video analytics to consistently monitor images and detect anomalies, without degradation of performance. ATEC Security’s expert advice and operational solutions guarantee high detection probability and low false alarms, even in complex situations. Trust our commitment to staff training and development for expert ongoing service and support that adds value to your security strategy now and in the future.

Real-time monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities

Detect and alert to anomalies in real-time for enhanced security.

Customisable rules and alerts for tailored security solutions

Create custom rules and alerts for tailored surveillance solutions.

Integration with existing security systems for seamless operation

Seamlessly integrate with existing security systems for optimised operation.

High detection probability with low false alarm rates

Achieve high detection rates with minimal false alarms for reliable security.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Video Surveillance

Get the most out of your security system with ATEC security’s analytics expertise
Transform your video monitoring with our advanced video analytics solutions. Our technology enhances security and optimises surveillance effectiveness to keep you protected.

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Maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your security operations with ATEC security’s cutting-edge video analytics technology. Our expert team will work with you to design a tailored solution that meets your unique needs, integrating seamlessly with your existing security systems. Contact us today to learn more and enhance your security posture.



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ATEC Security is thrilled to join forces with BriefCam, the top-tier provider of video content analytics solutions. Our shared passion for delivering cutting-edge security solutions makes for an ideal partnership that benefits our valued clients.


Ipsotek is a leading provider of scenario-based video analytics, offering a wide range of applications, including perimeter protection, intrusion detection, and traffic and crowd management.