Advanced Video Surveillance Solutions for Comprehensive Security Coverage

Our innovative video surveillance solutions utilise cutting-edge technology to enhance security and keep you protected
Protecting Your Property, People and Assets
Discover the true potential of video surveillance systems with ATEC Security’s innovative solutions. Don’t settle for a simple camera installation – our expert team takes an Operational Requirements approach, putting your needs at the centre of design. We work with you to understand your estate, document your requirements, and build a tailored solution that meets compliance and environmental constraints while delivering maximum capability. With our advanced technology, you’ll see reduced costs and increased efficiency, transforming the way you think about surveillance.

High-resolution imaging for superior detection accuracy

Crisp imaging technology for precise detection and monitoring accuracy.

Advanced analytics for real-time threat detection and response

State-of-the-art analytics for instant identification and swift response to threats.

Customisable settings for tailored surveillance solutions

Flexible settings to suit your specific surveillance needs and requirements.

Integrates with existing security systems for seamless operation

Seamless integration with your existing security systems for optimal performance.

Keeping Your Premises Secure

Empowering Your Security Operations
At ATEC, we provide state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you have reliable, real-time information to protect your property, people, and assets.

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Contact us today to discuss how our advanced video surveillance solutions can be customised to meet your specific security requirements. Our expert team will work with you to design and install a system that delivers superior detection accuracy and real-time threat response capabilities.


360 Vision

360 Vision’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with ATEC Security’s values, making them an ideal partner for us.


By partnering with Avigilon, we can offer our clients industry-leading video surveillance solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. With Avigilon’s high definition cameras, advanced analytics, and scalable video management software, we can provide our clients with a powerful tool to enhance safety and security.


Axis is a Swedish company that specializes in network video solutions. Their products include cameras, video encoders, and video management software. ATEC, a provider of integrated security solutions, has partnered with Axis to offer their customers cutting-edge technology in video surveillance and security.

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks is a pioneer in cloud-based video surveillance solutions, offering secure and scalable access to live and recorded video from anywhere.


Together, ATEC and Teledyne FLIR offer a comprehensive suite of thermal imaging solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any industry.


Genetec’s unified security platform offers a single interface to manage and monitor all physical security systems, making it easy to stay on top of potential threats.


Video Security Solutions for a Connected World

Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a top provider of video management software with an open platform. This allows for advanced and flexible video surveillance solutions that align with ATEC’s goal of delivering the best security options to their clients.

Synectics Solutions

ATEC Security has partnered with Synectics Solutions, a leading provider of advanced security technology, to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions for protecting their businesses and assets.

Tyco CEM

As a certified integrator of Tyco’s Software House C-Cure, ATEC have undergone rigorous training and evaluation to provide only the highest level of installation and support for your security solutions.