Transport Infrastructure

Our mission is to help ensure that your transportation systems are kept running smoothly and safely – no matter the challenges that you might face.

Transport – Society’s Backbone

We’ve all seen what happens when a reliable and efficient transport system becomes disrupted. With vulnerabilities such as terrorism, theft, vandalism and accidents occurring every day, it is crucial that we protect this vital infrastructure with the right technology to help prevent, detect and respond to these threats. That’s where ATEC comes in. Our approach to security is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique needs of transportation infrastructure. We use cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to ensure the safety and security of your passengers, cargo and infrastructure.

Industry Expertise

From airports to seaports, railways to highways, we have the knowledge to identify and overcome potential security risks while also optimising your operational efficiency.

Reliable & Efficient

Thanks to our expertise in identifying and mitigating potential security risks, ATEC has a solid reputation for reliability and efficiency in delivering security solutions for transport infrastructure.

Safety & Security

ATEC offers comprehensive solutions for safety and security. For vital markets like transport infrastructure, we call on specialist techniques to ensure our clients have the most effective systems in place.

Advanced Technology

Our video surveillance and access control systems allow for real-time monitoring of transport facilities, ensuring that any potential security breach is identified and addressed right away.

Threat Prevention

With ATEC, you get peace of mind, knowing that your transport infrastructure is safe and protected as we provide advanced threat prevention solutions that are tailored to your unique needs.

Tailored solutions

Our security systems are designed, implemented and maintained with your needs in mind. When it comes to tailoring the solution, we’re committed to your success.
From the project side of things, I’ve been very satisfied with the delivery of what ATEC’s done. They just set to work, knew exactly what they were doing, and we hardly knew they were there. They’ve been proactive and really good at handling every issue that’s come up. This project was crucial, and ATEC handled everything professionally.
Mark Davies
Senior Building Surveyor, Estates & Facilities Directorate, De Montfort University
“I would like to thank the ATEC team for all the help they have given over many months to get our car park camera’s back up and running. It was not the simplest of jobs, but with perseverance we are now able to view all of our cameras!”
Sarah McDonald
Bristol Airport
We took ATEC on to provide the maintenance and oversee any projects that we do on site in relation to any security equipment. Since they’ve come on board we’ve noticed that there has been a marked upgrade in the service that we’re provided, not only on the maintenance of our security equipment but also the projects we carry out.
David Blackhouse
European Regional Security Snr Manager/PFSO. Valero

Ensuring a smooth ride

Don’t leave your critical infrastructure vulnerable to security breaches, theft and other threats. Whether you need video surveillance, access control or perimeter protection, let us ensure you have the right tailored solution in place. Contact us today for a consultation and learn how our industry expertise and state-of-the-art technology can benefit your business.