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With a focus on building partnerships that thrive over decades, ATEC is the trusted choice for ensuring the security of the UK’s most demanding environments.

The History of ATEC

For more than three decades, ATEC has led the way forward in professional security system integration within the UK.

From hospitals to tourist attractions, universities and oil refineries, we bring deep technical understanding and unmatched customer service to every site we protect.

Founded in 1985, we have grown from a small business serving a physical security niche into a nationwide, full-service electronic security systems integrator staffed by an expert team of security professionals and trusted by hundreds of organisations across the country.

Our fundamental belief is that security comes not just from expertise and technology but also long-term, sustainable partnerships that endure over decades.


ATEC has a lengthy experience of working in some of the most challenging locations in the UK. The company knows how important health and safety is everywhere from critical national infrastructure to council offices and takes great pride in the accreditations we have achieved. We are committed to complying with the latest standards and these certifications are just one of the reasons why ATEC is seen as a safe pair of hands to partner with for the long term.

Leadership Team


Simon Adcock

CEO & Chairman

“An ATEC client is a precious commodity.  Over the past 35 years, our aim has always been to build long-term relationships with clients that trust us.”

Lee Abraham

Managing Director

“Having the right people working at ATEC is the key to our success.  As an ATEC client, you can expect to deal with positive, accountable, and highly experienced staff who genuinely value your business.”

Kris Simons

Sales Director

“Our clients often say that our quotes and proposals are the best in the business.  The devil is in the detail, and we will always go to great lengths to make sure that we completely understand a client’s needs by asking the right questions.”

Heads of Departments

Chris Rich

Head of Service and Support

“As a first-class service provider, we understand what our clients need when it comes to engineering and technical support. We get to know our clients’ system inside-out and go the extra mile whenever called upon.”

Alex Burn

Head of Projects

“Delivering complex projects is in our DNA, and our installation team has decades of experience working in all kinds of challenging environments.  Having clear lines of communication and always managing expectations is crucial.”

Julie Howells

Head of Finance

“ATEC has been financially well-run for over 35 years.  Our business model is built around long-term financial stability and sustainability which benefits our staff and clients.”

Richard Bancroft

Compliance and HR Manager

“We are 100% committed to meeting and maintaining all our modern compliance obligations to keep our staff, clients and the public safe as well as operating within all legislative and industry governing body requirements.”


ATEC has a broad knowledge of electronic security systems that cover a wide range of different markets. The whole team understands that you know the needs of your business better than anyone else, which is why we partner closely with you to find the right solutions for your requirements.

Airports & Borders

Airports & Borders

Our customised security solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by airports and border crossings

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Trust us to protect your business, assets, and people so that you can focus on achieving your goals

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Advanced technologies to ensure students and staff are safe in today's learning environments

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Finance & Banking

Innovative security strategies to help protect assets and data against emerging threats

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Solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the government sector, ensuring maximum protection

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Private & National Healthcare

Provide top-quality care while upholding the highest security and compliance standards

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Property & Development

Property & Development

Providing all the tools you need to safeguard your properties

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Transport Infrastructure

Transport Infrastructure

Ensure that your transportation systems are kept running smoothly and safely

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Building for the long term

ATEC Security’s business is based on creating long-term, sustainable relationships. This applies to every aspect of the company, from the technology partners we choose to work with to the training that our team goes through. It is all done to ensure that ATEC can provide our clients with the trust that makes them want to work with us for years. 

The history of ATEC has seen the company improve and expand our skillset as new technologies entered the market. We have moved from a purely physical security company to one that embraced the elements of electronic security technology. This saw ATEC move first into CCTV for smaller projects and then into large-scale town centre CCTV. As the technology advanced again, it was a small leap for ATEC to move into IP networked surveillance systems and fully integrated solutions covering everything from access control and ANPR to physical security barriers and HD CCTV cameras and storage.

The way we have achieved this is through extensive staff training so we have a true understanding of every security system we design. The result is more than three decades of happy clients all across the UK.


At ATEC we form long-term technology partnerships and encourage our whole team to develop a deep understanding of the technology we recommend. All of our technicians are certified by our technology partners so you can have confidence that when needed, they will know every component of your security system.

360 Vision
Allied Telesis
Eagle Eye Networks
HID Global
Milestone Systems
Secure Logiq
Synectics Solutions
Tyco CEM

See how we can help you

The knowledge and experience we have at ATEC has helped hundreds of organisations around the country to keep their businesses safe and secure. Get in touch to see how we can help you as well.