ATEC Security has worked closely with SilverNet’s wireless technology to deliver resilient security solutions and provide ongoing service and support for SilverNet technology to several local authorities both in the UK and abroad.
Providing Reliable Networking Methods

High-Performance Wireless Solutions for Secure Communications

SilverNet offers a range of wireless networking solutions that can be integrated with ATEC Security’s systems to enhance their performance. Their solutions are designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity in challenging environments, making them well-suited for use in ATEC Security’s surveillance and monitoring applications. Additionally, SilverNet’s solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing for easy integration with ATEC Security’s existing infrastructure.
Customised Wireless Networking Solutions
SilverNet’s customised wireless networking solutions allow ATEC Security to deliver secure, reliable, and high-performance wireless networks that meet our customers’ specific needs. Their solutions offer a range of features, including extended range, high throughput, and advanced security features such as encryption, ensuring that our customers’ networks are secure and protected from threats.
ATEC Security’s partnership with SilverNet is based on the exceptional quality of their wireless networking solutions. SilverNet’s products are built to meet the highest standards of reliability, security, and performance. Their devices are robust and offer a high level of resilience, ensuring that network connectivity is maintained even in the most challenging environments. Additionally, their products feature advanced encryption capabilities that protect the data transmitted over the wireless network from unauthorised access. ATEC Security is proud to partner with SilverNet to deliver cutting-edge wireless networking solutions to our clients, meeting their unique requirements and delivering reliable and secure network connectivity in even the most demanding environments.
“SilverNet are proud to be partners with ATEC who we consider to be our most advanced partner with the expertise and skill to do our technology justice. Together, with our products and their expert integration we are able to provide an innovative and resilient solution that clients can rely on.” Julie Stephenson – Business Relationships Manager SilverNet
SilverNet’s focus on innovation is another quality that has made ATEC Security choose them as a partner. SilverNet is continuously developing new and improved wireless networking solutions that cater to the evolving needs of different industries. This ensures that their products remain relevant and up-to-date, enabling us to provide our customers with the latest and most advanced wireless networking solutions available. Our partnership with SilverNet allows us to offer our customers access to high-quality wireless networking solutions that are reliable, secure, and tailored to meet their specific needs. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service aligns with our values and makes them a valuable partner in providing effective and efficient security solutions to our customers.

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