Senstar’s mission is to provide the best possible security solutions to protect their customers’ assets and people. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to develop new and innovative solutions that meet the evolving security needs of various industries worldwide.
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Advanced Solutions for guaranteed safety

Senstar is a leading provider of innovative and high-performance security solutions for various industries worldwide. With a focus on protecting critical infrastructure, assets, and people, Senstar offers advanced technologies such as perimeter intrusion detection systems, video management systems, and access control solutions.
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems.
Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) offer reliable and accurate detection of intruders attempting to breach your property. These systems use a range of sensors, including buried cable sensors, fence-mounted sensors, and infrared sensors, to detect intrusions and alert security personnel.
Our partnership with Senstar allows us to provide our customers with access to their advanced security solutions, ensuring that our clients have the best possible protection for their assets and people. Senstar’s expertise and technology have been installed in a wide range of industries, including government, military, transportation, energy, and more. At ATEC Security, we recognise that every property has unique security needs and requirements, and our partnership with Senstar enables us to work with our customers to design and implement customised security solutions that meet their specific needs.
“In ATEC, Senstar has a partner that we can always rely on to integrate our advanced products with expertise. We have complete faith in ATEC’s ability to maximise the potential of our products and deliver really powerful and robust security solutions for the end user.” – Malcolm Bullivant – Managing Director Senstar.
Senstar also offers advanced video management systems (VMS) and access control solutions. Senstar’s VMS solutions provide a comprehensive video surveillance platform that allows security personnel to monitor and manage multiple camera feeds in real-time. With advanced features such as intelligent video analytics and facial recognition, Senstar’s VMS solutions help security personnel detect potential threats and respond quickly. Senstar’s access control solutions, on the other hand, allow organisations to control access to their facilities and assets, reducing the risk of unauthorised entry and theft. With a range of access control technologies such as biometric readers and smart cards, Senstar’s solutions provide secure and convenient access to authorised personnel.

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