Together, ATEC and Teledyne FLIR offer a comprehensive suite of thermal imaging solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any industry.
Innovative thermal imaging technology for enhanced safety and security.

Superior solutions for improved operations

ATEC is proud to partner with Teledyne FLIR, a global leader in thermal imaging technology, to deliver innovative solutions that enhance safety and security across industries. Our partnership combines Teledyne FLIR’s expertise in thermal imaging technology with ATEC’s proficiency in design and implementation to deliver advanced solutions to our clients.
High-Performance Imaging
Teledyne FLIR’s thermal imaging solutions offer high-performance imaging in various environmental conditions, including low-light and smoky environments, making them ideal for public safety and security applications.
As a global leader in thermal imaging solutions, Teledyne FLIR provides advanced technology that enhances safety, efficiency, and performance in high-performance applications. Their innovative solutions are trusted by industries such as defence, industrial, and commercial to deliver critical insights into operations and environments. Teledyne FLIR’s customisable thermal imaging solutions feature high-resolution images and advanced analytics, enabling clients to make informed decisions in real-time.
“We are excited to collaborate with ATEC to provide cutting-edge thermal imaging solutions that enable safer and more efficient operations for our clients.”
ATEC’s integrated security solutions with FLIR products have been deployed at renowned tourist attractions such as the National Gallery, Royal Shakespeare Company, and the Natural History Museum, providing a robust and innovative security solution. Additionally, airports such as Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Southampton Airport have relied on ATEC to implement and provide ongoing support for FLIR products, ensuring the safety and security of passengers, staff, and reputation.

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