ATEC increases sustainability efforts

ATEC has taken further action to reduce our impact on the environment. The latest steps in a long line of climate-friendly action that we have taken sees the addition of solar panels to the roof of our HQ as well as an investment in electric vehicle charging points.

“Sustainability is really important to us as a business,” says ATEC Chairman and CEO, Simon Adcock. “As a security systems integrator that covers the whole of the UK, we’re always looking at more fuel-efficient vehicles. We added our first electric cars to the fleet seven years ago, which was pretty early by anyone’s standards, and we stopped buying diesel vehicles a long time ago. Taking these next steps will help us to build on our sustainability commitments.”

The decision to add solar panels to the roof of ATEC HQ will see our use of grid electricity cut in half while adding another clean energy source to our local community. This new infrastructure project will also provide a long-term renewable energy solution for the electric vehicle charging points that we have installed, meaning that we know that the journeys made by our team will have an even lower impact on the environment.

“We’re really keen to minimise our impact on the environment, both in terms of carbon footprint and pollution as well,” states Adcock. “People talk about the carbon footprint of vehicles and electric cars, but also there’s the localised pollution aspect which you just don’t get with electric cars. Increasing our ability to charge the fleet and use electric vehicles will benefit our local community by reducing the amount of local air pollution.”